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Sep 25, 2012 4:00am EDT
the green light for the government to loosen up its deficit targets. >> meanwhile the defense ministers are reportedly set to meet over the planned $45 billion merger between bae and eads. our favorite name so far is beads. it's a warm and fuzzy name for a defense company. >> absolutely. beads. doesn't sound bad whatsoever. a little bit of a feminine touch there if you think about what you can put around your neck, but i i like it, too. the latest in that development is of course tomorrow tom enders will step into front of the german parliament to map out the kind of deal that we may expect from that merger. until now, all the governments involved, uk, u.s. as well as the french and german of course have come up with a lot of yes buts. meaning they're looking at trying to safe guard jobs and also a possible takeover and the golden share offered quite a few days ago, however it could be getting in to problems when it comes into the eu competition wall. so we really have to see. perhaps tomorrow after that meeting, we could see more information. ross. >> all right. thanks for that, patric
Sep 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
it ultimately as positioning against some of the bigger global defense aerospace companies, perhaps it pushes it through. >> boeing is still in receipt of subsidies from the u.s. government. one day after the u.s. said it had complied with the wto requirement, eu officials rejected the claim and said they would appeal again to the trade organization. this marks the latest chapter in an ongoing battle with the u.s. also pursuing the eu over air bus subsidies. >>> in japan, they have chosen a nationalist talk to lead it into upcoming elections. if former prime minister won the leadership in a second round lineup. he had been the most vocal candidate in calling for a harder start against beijing in ongoing territorial disputes. he's also pushed bank of japan to take more action on the economy. >>> continued anti-japanese tension in china is forcing japan's top auto makers to put the brakes on production. here is the story live from tokyo. >> reporter: the decision comes as growing anti-japan sentiments slow sales of japanese cars in the mainland. toyota's original plan was to shut down its main
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am EDT
as investors took profit on defensive plays. >>> european policymakers, made grid's budget a major step towards recovery, but today the government must brace for the results of the banking stress tests. teach sedgwick has been following the story for us all week out of madrid. steve, good morning. sounds like we may not know the results of the stress tests until well after the afternoon. >> yesterday i had an interesting question, he said what time is the budget due. i said about an hour and a half ago. and that's the problem with communication here in spain. we don't get finite times of when things will happen until very often after they've started. in the end of course we got the spanish budget announcement somewhere in the region of 5:00 p.m. local time having been told the press conference will be at 1:30. so after market seems to be the consensus at the moment. when that means could mean up until monday, i guess. but in terms of the stress test itself, i wouldn't get too worked up about it. yes, it will show that the banks potentially will borrow money, but they don't need as much as feare
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3